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Social Media is any interactive online form of communication. It’s intended to be just that-interactive and social! But before you post, share or sign up for something new, it’s important that you understand bank regulatory requirements for social media and traditional advertising are the same and you are responsible for avoiding potential violations.


The Banks Marketing Department ensures compliance with regulatory requirements by restricting use of Bank Owned sites or work-related posts on employee personal sites. Bank policy requires that you obtain approval before you post. There is a difference between your personal and business social media pages, but keep in mind as an employee of the Bank, any posts regarding work have the same requirements as if the Bank posted on its business page. Also posts or a share of someone else’s post could be deemed an endorsement or opinion of the Bank.


  The Marketing team is tasked with tracking the content of any business-related posts, and shared items. This requires that Marketing have access to and control of any Business social media page (branches) and be aware of any personal social media sites (personal or your own business page). To assist Marketing in reducing Social Media Risk and the Banks liability, we are asking you to provide the following information: 

Social Media Advertising on Bank pages, personal business pages, and work-related posts on personal sites have the same regulatory requirements. I understand and agree to Bank policy and requirements before I post. Failure to disclose a social media site I use for business activity and/or comply with the Bank’s advertising and social media policies will result in disciplinary action which may include termination of my employment. *

Form successfully submitted. Thank you!

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